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Monday, 13 September 2010

i am sick of Malaysian politics

i am so sick of politics in Malaysia. meluat. menyampah. now i wana ask, im too vocal is it??

you tell me lah.

ini tak boleh cakap, itu tak boleh cakap.

i feel if i critisize the government or any individual for the sake of betterment, should be no problem la.

we should have the freedom of speech to improve things. i critisize because i love the government.

dun restrict what can or cannot be said! Tuhan bagi mulut tu untuk cakap. Dan kita kena guna sebaik-baiknya untuk cakap perkara yang betul dan benar meskipun perkara itu melukakan hati.

now i wonder again. can we afford freedom of speech? freedom when you are giving speech or freedom after your speech? usually when we speak, we'll say whatever we want. but hahah the consequences?? 

i know what i said might make me ended up in jail. sometimes im too straight-forward. sometimes i hurt people. and sometimes i merepek, melatah, talk crap and i scold people including BIG people aka orang besar.

is it relevant and masuk akal i end up in jail just because i scold someone?? hmmm.. i didn't ask you go die also. i didn't say you eat shit. but if i say you eat shit, you can deny it what. let's debate over it la. why wana catch me wor..
now it makes me wonder again.

it's the same thing what. if you call me an immigrant and ask me to go back to China. im gona argue with you. first of all, im not an immigrant. im a legal Malaysian with birth certificate and IC. secondly, im not from China. i have many more reasons to give you. so you people say la whatever you want. if you are stupid enough, you say stupid things. but as a not stupid person, i won't give you stupid answer la. that's all. no need la so dramatic make police report over it. you can catch the body but can't stop the mouth from speaking.

but if you are a politician or someone influential to the society and you cause racial tension, i won't hesitate to take action based on our law lo.

maybe the best way to deal with racist remarks is to debate it constructively and maturedly. what do you think?

just now, for the second time, the Vice-President of my university asked me to becareful with what i say in Facebook. er.. ok.. sorry. scary la. someone is paying attention on me.

i'll be very careful with what i say la. and i'll try not to discuss some 'sensitive' issues as perceived by the public in Facebook.i'll try to stay calm and chill. think thrice before i speak.

afterall, im just OCE. budak kecik kan.. memangpun saiz kecik.

aih.. takpela lain kali i nak cakap dengan mak i ke, bapak i ke, or makwe i, i minta permit dulu ye.. sure no problem nanti.

*anyway Coffee no more. Kopi dah habis. anyone with 3-in-1 coffee? can you pls donate some to me?? urgent! serious la..

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