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Monday, 13 September 2010

Kopi O, help me!

Feel so damn sleepy right now although I have been sleeping the whole day! 

Just came back from a rush shopping at Tesco. Bought Kopi O, Soya Bean, and bread.  

I need caffeine. Oh I need caffeine. Im so addicted to it. I need Kopi O Kao so badly. I was craving for Coffee desperately. Whole body was like so uncomfortable.  

Not much choice in Tesco la. So I just simply grab the Kopi la. And oh damn it. The Kopi is so thick which is a good thing but without sugar. Zzz.. 

Will stay awake until at least 3am with the help of my Kopi. Exam at 9am. Will wake up the latest at 7.30am la huh. So afraid that I can’t wake up for exam.  

Hohoho. I manage to escaped from FB for few hours. That’s good! 

INSPIRATION! MOTIVATION! mali mali homp! come to me. come to me. lai lai.. I need you..

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