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Monday, 13 September 2010

hard but possible lah

i know i spent most of my time in the cyber world. i FB-ing, i Tweet, i blog, i read on9 news, i surf net where to travel etc. couldn't help it la..

but today at this moment, im inspired by Tiffany Oon. That crazy fella promised her friend that she's not gona away from blog and FB until the exam ends.

why la!! you make me feel so bad you know..

arrghhh this is hard this is hard! temptation. godaan. addiction.

okok i know i can't stay away totally but i'll reduce time for FB, news and net surfing except if it's necessary. 3 maximum posts in my blog per day if got paper on that day la ok.

before i say byebye,i wana announce something.

My hardwork has paid off. After years, months, days of looking for the missing loved ones, i found them through Facebook. i found all of them in one day! im so glad that i found my ex-teacher who taught me in Form 1-Form 3 i guess Miss Mahthavi and Mr Logarajah. Then friends from a national camp back in 2003 or 2004 Wawa and Razimah. As well as a teacher from a English workshop in 2002 who used to and still calling me Mr Macho, Miss Kamala.

hahah! this is so nostalgic! it's possible because of FB.

okla that's all. bye!

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