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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Raya with giftssS...

from Fazleen: macam-macam kuih Raya

 from Kim: my favourite sling bag from Sarawak and cookies

from Liyana: duit Raya, nasi himpit and cookies

from Kah Hoe: keychain all the way from South Korea

This is the Raya where i get the most stuffs back home. hahah! after eat can bungkus tapao take away. hahah!

it's a blessed Raya with fantastic people.

Meeting you guys is the best gift that money can't buy from this Raya.

Selamat Hari Raya and Thank You.


  1. biarpun cuma sehari saja dapat beraya sakan di Penang, tapi dah terubat rindu di hati bersama nenek tersayang. ahhh~

    now, im kinda Penangsick.. =__=

  2. ONE DAY only?? ala kesiannya.. i had 2 days. hahah. i miss Penang too... home sweet home.

  3. Dear mr Chin Eng, so tell me, how much have U collected ur duit raya? hahahaha.... I'm a bit jealous to know u get duit raya. hahahaha ^__^ - miss anonymous

  4. hahahah! apa jeles-jeles har. i noe u dun ge any duit raya kan?? kan kan?? woohohhohooho! but i got one only la.. so sad right. aih.. it's ok. i'll collect more nx yr cuz im becoming younger each yr. =p