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Thursday, 16 September 2010

lectures and reflections

ooo halo..

im awake the whole night. 

just look up the sky, it's a whole carpet of stars, look at how they shine your life. 

it's a night with lectures and reflections. 

not to mention advices and motivations. 

u only get it from the people who meant a lot to u. 

Thanks to LPS, KKY and YTH.

It's an eye-opening.

It's a sincere and honest expose.

It is hurt but it's the truth.

It is tough and hard to slow.


i feel really calm and satisfied. i feel fresh too.

i can feel it's gona be a good day.

it's gona be a good week.

it's gona be a good year.

and im gona be good too.

what a wonderful night!

oh good morning.

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