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Thursday, 9 September 2010

settled and study!



i know im crazy. i went to back to Penang last week without my notes. that's why i came back to Kampar to study. But i miss Penang and Hari Raya so much. i was in dilemma whether to go back or not.

so just a while ago i went to the bus station to check the availability of tickets. and to my surprise they still have tickets. without much hesitation, i don;t care, i don't give a second thought, i bought my tickets to Penang and to back to Kampar.happy! hope that i won't be that jam la ye..

Bus Kampar to Butterworth: 7.15pm (RM23.80)
Bus Butterworth to Kampar: 6.35pm (RM23.80)

im feeling so much relieved now. yea have to spend rm50 but i think it's worth it because how many more Hari Raya you can celebrate.i know i have exam that's why i'll bring soem notes home and i will STUDY!

so win-win situation lo. i'll be back on Saturday night. 2days are really short but at least i can feel Raya and i also can study. =p

ok got to go now. going to library to study. now masuk Gear 2 dah. hahaha. i can feel the heat now. we try la huh not to on9, no FB, no Twitter, no Blogspot. We'll see how la huh.

OK STUDY PEOPLE! STUDY!! im serious ni.. im really gona study n study gila-gila. i dun wana feel bad later.



  1. this gonna be awkward to me, but i gonna do so. selamat hari raya chin eng. hope you'll have a great raya. :)

  2. hahahah! THANK YOU! SELAMAT HARI RAYA TO YOU TOO! makanla rendang, lemang, ketupat, kuih etc as much as you can. woohoo! balik kampung! =p