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Saturday, 15 May 2010

home but not in home

finally after 3 hours of journey, im back in Penang!

yesh yesh!

who is not happy to be back to Penang, tell me?

yes im happy!

but now im locked outside the house.



im home but not in my home!

no one at home. no one to open the door for me. i have the keys but not the key for that lock!


now im stiiting outside my house. enjoying sauna. smelling the nice smell from the shoes and my feet. sweating like as if i just jogged for 30mins.

nvm.. nvm..

chill chill.. cool down beb! othou im damn hot in me!

luckily my sis didn't switch off the internet connection. if not i can't online now. at least i can still surf the net and listen to the radio.

i have apples. lu mau?? =p

1 comment:

  1. Hahahahaha......... Anyway, I'm happy 2 know that U arrived safely in Penang 2day ^___^ hehehe...... U still got apples? Nak. Need 2 eat them for diet prog.... huhu... ^__^ hehe- miss A