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Monday, 12 July 2010

fuyooo SPAIN!

haha i just reached home.

it's raining out there.

and World Cup has finally ended.

some still having fever.

yea cuz Kampar weather so crazy!


I just witnessed the best game ever in my entire life.

Spain emerged as the World Cup champion defeating Holland at the very last minute 1-0.

extra time 30mins ok.

and Spain finally scored 2 mins before the game ended.

Kamparians flooded the whole Mamaks. Every single Mamak Restaurant in New Town was fulled!


Spain gol.

i kena boo bcuz of my camera flash.

but the photo worth thousand words.

now they now me, the guy with the camera, standing on the bike.


i'll blog more about it after this.

now time to study for midterm later.

gud morn.


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