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Monday, 12 July 2010

good news of the day

WOW! Omg! My Political Philosophy lecturer, Mr. Santhi aka Mr. S just called me. He called me at 10.40pm. I was so shocked when I heard his voice in the phone.

How in the world he got my phone number?

He told me that classes will be cancelled and midterm at 2pm will be postponed to next week. He also asked me to spread the news.

Yea I knew it already.

My alarm rang at 10.29am. I wanted to study for the midterm at 2pm ma. I blur blur woke up n walked to my laptop. In less than 10 seconds, Sara text me about the news.


Cuz I haven’t finish studying. Hehee.

Hmmm.. I wonder Mr. Santhi missed her van because of Spain ah.

Okok I must not sleep. Got assignments to do, presentation to prepare. By the way im not sleepy also lah.

So Political Philosophy students, next week class as usual ok n midterm is next week . tq.

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