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Saturday, 3 April 2010

the moment is now

Ok I have only like 1 minute to blog now. im going to MMU Cyberjaya.

My bus is at 8.45am. thanks Edmund for coming all the way from Eastlake to my place, Westlake to fetch me.

I’m attending the award giving ceremony for the Memoirs Photography Compeition. And the funny thing is I might not be one of the winners but to know the results, I have to be there for the ceremony at 2.30pm.

Well.. I hope I’ll come back with something since I made my decision not to go to India because of this. And Im gona waste my one whole day of Saturday in KL n can’t do anything on my assignments.

I’m kinda sad la cuz my mum couldn’t make it. None of my friends are following me too. Im not blaming them. everyone is so busy. me too.

Ok got to go.

God bless me.

If I win I thank God, and If I lose, I thank God too.

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