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Sunday, 4 April 2010

back to Kampar life

Im back to Kampar. Just reached. Now. look at the time of this post people.

Damn. Im so sleepy n tired. The train got delayed. N it was so cold in the bus. I was freezing n I am still freezing. I almost missed Kampar Station because I was sleeping. when I awake, the train was already stopping at Kampar Station. Luckily I managed to get down.

My eyes are sticking like glue. Too sleepy lar.. but there’s one very important thing I have to settled. It’s about photography again, sigh.. okok this might be the last…perhaps for this month? =p

Back to Kampar, means back to work. Tomorrow will be another crazy day. I have 2reports to pass up on Monday and one presentation on Monday as well. Sigh..

The whole journey to MMU cyberjaya is so exhausting n tiring la. anyway I didn’t get anything. Im not one of the winners. It’s ok la. im not that sad anymore.

Everything happen for a reason. Although I didn’t win anything, I get back a friendship. I saw Mira in KL Sentral, then we talk. =p n we are ok now.. I guess..

And because of the award ceremony, I managed to meet up with my old friend from Penang, Melissa who’s studying there. thanks for keeping me company.

And thanks also to Adeline and Sara for calling. Thx a lot.

Lastly thanks to everyone that wish and pray for me. I was so shocked when I look at my FB. Around 15comments on my wall post wishing me luck. U guys r just so sweet la. but sorry la, I’ll work harder next time. Im reali touched and thankful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless u people.

Ok gtg. Hope to sleep by 2.30am if that is possible. I’ll bath tomorrow la. =p

Gnite ppl. Thank you God.

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