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Sunday, 4 April 2010


Good morning world!!

What a nice sleep. Tidur mati!! I set my alarm at 12pm actually. Haha. anyway My whole body is so sticky la. stomach pula so empty. Didn’t eat anything since yesterday.


Most of the JR-ians will burn midnight oil again. I’ll definitely burn more oil. Minyak ghee. Minyak zaitun. Minyak cap kapal layer. Minyak lenga. Minyak angin. Minyak cap kapak. Haha. and plus a few cups of coffee.

I already wasted my Saturday. and now I already wasted half of Sunday. Need to buck up leh. Tiff comin later to do asgmnt.

3+2+1 = 3 reports, 2 assignments and 1 presentation. These are the things that have to be done and pass up  this week.

Monday 5/4/2010
Report : Communication Theories
Report: Introduction to Comparative Politics
Presentation: Introduction to Comparative Politics

Thursday 8/4/2010
Report : Communication Research Methods

Friday 9/4/2010
Assignment : Introduction to International Relations

hmmm.. got to go. wake up people. Y2S1 JR-ians BANGUN. =p

by the way, my senior aka the Chief Editor aka KKYjust praised me. she said the photos i took for the news in our portal are good. hahahaha. what a compliment in the early morning.

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