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Sunday, 4 April 2010

some silly but serious questions

1. Is 2010 really that great afterall?

2. Why the process of getting something is so wonderful but the results always sucks?

3. I am skinny. But does it really matters for people to judge me for who i am?

4.Why most of the time when i already set my target, plan my goals, suddenly something will appeared and block it?

5. Why i'm the one who give out so much but get so less in a relationship?

6. I'm being myself all the time. Do i have to be serious so that you know i mean what i mean?

7. I'm tired of what-so-ever stuffs that i like and i'm doing now. Take less photos, should i?

8. Can you God please bless and protect those i love and those that love me?

Good Night.

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