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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

curfew is over

Good morning!

Self-reflection time is over.

Curfew time is over.

Puasa time is over. Buka puasa at 6pm.

Fasting from handphones and all kind of communications dah over.

I’ve been a way from people and internet. I didn’t online and I silent my hp.

i had enough time to be alone and to think.

Im kind of energetic?

My mind has awaken.. a bit?

I meditate, I took a nap, I bathed slowly and I chant.

I feel so refreshing la. I’ve put everything negative behind and look forward.

I just hope things will be back to normal but in a better way after this.

Ok got to go, have to finish up my assignment to send it to Tiff.

you know.. it's a relief to talk to your advisor who's like your mother. at least someone willing to listen and not judgemental. =p


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