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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

happy burning midnite oil


it's time it's time.

it's a hectic week. everyone is tense. everyone is stress. some people are just not in the mood.


but hey it's ok, im still very positive. when you are positive, you'll think positively although the situation is not that positive.

so what im saying?

it's ok la what people wana say or think.. yea nvm lo.. they will be fine after a while.. but you must play your role properly la. be good. =p

it has been quite some time since i burn midnite oil to do assignments or study for exam.

tonight im doing it again.

3 assignments to submit and 1 mid-term this week.

1. Journalism II mid-term : Wednesday 28/7/2010

2. Communication Technology asgmnt : to submit to Tiff by tonight. almost done.

3. Contemporary Malaysian Politics : Wednesday 28/7/2010

4. Travel Article : Thursday 29/7/2010

fun isn't?

hahaha. and you'll hear people complain this and that. assignments not good. slides not all. all not good bla bla. so make sure u do good good la.

happy burning midnite oil people.


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