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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

i'll be happy if..

If my friends become someone, if my friends achieve something, then i'll be very happy. I'm glad for their achievments. It is just as simple as that.

That's why i am happy with:

1. Kow Kwan Yee for being the only Malaysian and student from South East Asia to go for Finland for some Journalism Programme.

2. Lee Poicia for getting to DJ workshop, one step closer to her dream. Who knows after this will hire her.

3. Liam Kah Hoe for being selected and sent to South Korea for some UNESCO students exchange programme by his university.

4. Nixon Lai Chia Huey for living his working life already, earning own money in a big company. Sudah besar. =p

Im very happy and proud for you guys. Congratulations.

sometimes, my tears drop looking at where my friends are today. Im not being jealous but i am so happy for them.

Dare to dream and work on your dreams. I sincerely pray that you guys will achieve your dreams. Be safe wherever you are, whatever you do. I'll always pray for your success and safety. God bless you.

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