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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

dilemma of an ex-bf

i was and still talking to a good friend from Penang.

he's in dilemma whether to visit her sick ex-gf in the hospital.

simple situation isn't? i scold him. i ask him to go visit her. i persuade him. but he still stick to her decision not to go. he has his own reasons.

and he says..

"she dont need me anymore. she needs her bf, friends and family. not her ex. that's why faizah also dont want you. she surely dont want to c me also. so i better buat bodoh dont do anything. i'm a small peanut in everyone's life."

ouch! but im not offended or hurt la. it just HIT me right on my head. it's so true.

who are you now? what's your role? what's your significant in people's life?

what i can say to my friend is people around you care for you. i definitely care for you. don't be pessismistic. im sad to look at him like this.

i agree with him that we can't trust people 100%. when they don't have partner, they say they will be there to listen to talk bla bla bla. when they are in good terms with you, they say the same things too. but when they have partner already or when they argue with you, things totally changed. you become their enemy. you become unknown to them. you become a stranger. you become nobody to them.

does this sounds familiar to you?? this doesn't only happen to a relationship but also in a friendship.

Me n him are now are single. i call our geng as the Gay geng cuz everytime i go back to Penang, only few of us, the guys who are single. The rest? either studying out of Penang or have their own partners already.

the difference between two of us is he buang her ex-gf but still love her, at that time. but my case is i kena buang by my ex-gf but i still love her, at that time.

i think i would face the same situation like him too if one day my ex is sick. should i visit her or not. what will she feels? what will her bf thinks? what will her family perceives me?

the question now is will you talk, see or contact her since she got bf already? will you? let's just face the situation first then you let me know the answer. another question is, will she respond to you if she got a bf already??

haha.. i know i shouldn't think that much. you visit cuz you care. just visit that person la cuz who knows you might not see her again. just go visit lo cuz you still care, you are still a human, with feelings. don't think too much.

i always think of others all the time. yes all the time. i put others before me. that's me la.. couldn't help it.

some people always tell me to think for myself first before others. i duno, i just can't do that. too cruel i would say. seriously if i can make people happy, then it's my happiness too.

i pray that everyone i love is always good in health la cuz i can't bear the pain in my heart to see any of you not ok.

when you face this dilemma, just think la the pros and cons. don't make it so complicated, cuz everything is just very simple. if your intention is good, just do it and leave the rest to Him.

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