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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

assignment time

woohooo! i never felt so semangat before to do assignment!

i duno, i feel so semangat now.

maybe KKY's aura still here.


n maybe i got freak out with Tiffany, Amirah, Rachael n Saravani already.

or maybe i wana do it for myself, to get better results. =p

last night i finished 1 assignment d - Photostory Assignment. the due date is actually this Friday.

n now im having discussion n to prepare for my presentation this Thursday morning.

Ee Theng n Sara are here.

we gona burn midnite oil until we finish our slides. we must finish it by tonite la cuz tmr is so packed, classes from 8am - 7.3-pm. crazy!

Contemporary Malaysian Politics' assignment is not easy ok, it's about politics, independence, communism etc etc yang sama waktu dengannya la.

my house so laujuak. every floor got people do assignments. ground floor occupied by my floormate n friends, then middle floor occupied by housemate n friends.


don't FB FB. go face the real books.
beshnyer.. huhuhu. but jom mandi dulu. =p

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