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Friday, 23 July 2010

work out : sexy



i am sexy. uhhh..


just came back from gym n work out session.

syiok man!

gym n work out session : sexy!

sweat sweat. heavy heavy. tired tired.

nowadays i go work out once a week.

n u KNOW what? trust me! i can feel some muscles on my chest! yeala! serious.

hahahah. laugh wat laugh??

ok im going to take Protein+Milk now. ehhehe.

muscles without flesh n meat is are useless. i need to gain weight la. aih.. anyone can make me gain weight? come tolong sikit la. i take pics for u FREE.


*OMG! Crazy Tiffany just sms me ask me go jogging later in the midnight. GILA! but wa suka! wahahaha! ok SET! no prob! =p

1 comment:

  1. eh, I also want to join U ^__^ hehehe... Can I? hehehe .... ^__^- miss A