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Sunday, 11 July 2010

A cup B cup C cup

read this article about a girl talking about her boobs. i like it.

some guys prefer big boobs. they feel turn-on. but hmmm.. okla i dun wana say anything about boobs because I DON'T HAVE ONE!

BIG cups nice ah?? SMALL cups also syiok wat!

SMALL cups nice ah?? BIG cups also syiok wat!

aih.. some guys always 1 the best from the girls. y dun u think ur 'brother' BIG enough n STRONG enough a not?!!


small cup big cup also it's still a cup la.

what matter the most is, is the person your cup of tea.

oo haha i have a 'poem' to show u. =p

What cup?
A cup
B cup
C cup
Small cup
Big cup
U ppl just 1 big cup
Small cup not a cup ah
Ada breast ada cup la
I long time never eat Magee Cup
Go watch World Cup la
Or Thomas Cup
Dun cupsiao here
I don’t even have a CUP!

hehehehe. okla tata it's study time.

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