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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

stop and stare

No no no! this post is not about the song from onerepublic. This post is about a girl. A fair, pretty and clean face girl. I sent my sister to tuition at 8pm. I walked her into the room. Then a chinese girl clad in white shirt was standing there at the door. Her eyes were on me, with full of concentration, without even a blink, for at least 10 steps away from me. As I getting nearer the room, she still stared at me.

I was freaked out. Seriously! so I stared back at her la for few seconds. I tried to recall whether I met this person before or not but nop, I never met her!! I tried to be nice. I smiled, just a little, but she still looked at me as if I owe her something very valuable. fine! I turned away. I sent my sister in. my sister’s teacher was there.

She asked me what time im coming to pick my sister up. I said 10pm lo. The lady was still there at my left hand side, stared at me again!! Never a girl stares at me for so long. I stared back at her with the “yes? What? Do u noe me? do I noe u??” look.

Suddenly my sister’s teacher said  “u don’t have stare until like that. She’s my daughter.” I turned and look at her daughter. She looked at her mum n she said “he’s from SXI ma. A photographer ma.” I was stunned. Totally speechless. I blink blink my eyes. I carved a smile. Then I looked at her mum again. I asked how her daughter knows abt it. She said her daughter also from SXI.

Then they just walked away dengan stylonyer. I was still blur-blur. Then I quickly asked her what year her daughter was in SXI. Only Form 6 in SXI got girls. I never seen her before in SXI. That’s why I stared back at her full of curiosity. Her mum said smtg but I couldn’t catch it. Den we left the place.

Woah!! My heart is still pounding while im writing this. Im excited I guess. Shocked too. I don’t know how to describe the way she stared at me with her big eyes. She knows me but i don't know her!!

Aiyah!! i didn't snap her pics lah!!


  1. hahahahahaha..... i tot u're supposed to bring ur camera in 24 hours n to everywhere u go? hahaha.... but u already have made urself a famous person lor.. hehe...

  2. my camera was with me la. but i couldnt curi-curi snap her pics bcoz she was staring at me all the time!! crazeee! n her mother was there!

  3. oh okie okie... sorry my mistake! hehehe... but it tells u one thing la.. still x terror curi2 amik gambar.. berusaha lagi ye? hahaha.. ^__^

  4. hmmm.. 1st thing 1st, how do u know im always with my camera all the time?? usaha tangga kejayaan. =p

  5. I know bcoz so far i hv been reading
    all (I guess) ur posts here la.. u keep mentioned hw much u love taking photos n u r willing to do anythg even kena baring nak amik gambar bulan aritu... I also hv checked ur some pretty photos n cute baby photos uploaded here.. that's how I know la.. lagi mau tanya ke? hahaha...

    kayu gaharu kayu cendana,
    u said u suka snap pic n letak pictures tu
    mau tanya2 ka...
    hehehe.. - miss anonymous..

  6. Err… hahaha. betoi ka ni. Malunya!! Ohhh… shy shy!! Hahha. Ini big fan aku ni!! Lawak betoi!! You know now i realised that unknown people actually read my blog. it's a good thing huh. bagus bagus!

  7. ahahahahaha.... i dun think I'm ur big fan la.. bcoz I juz started to follow ur blog on last week I believe. Bt I hv read all ur posts here, suka duka sihat sakit n Lawak things la.. percaya la! ^__^ yeah i'm one of d unknown people who keeps following ur blog.. sbb u punya blog manyak klakar.. hehehe.. - miss anonymous

  8. big fan la tu. kipas besar! u have read ALL my blog posts! that is crazee! wow! i mean.. tq. seriously tq. im moved, flattered. tq. go and do promotion and publisity for me lah then. =p

  9. Aiyah, there's a huge difference btwn a big fan n kipas besar lor.. hahahahahaha... I dun think this has to be a crazy thing for reading all ur blog posts.. bcoz I really enjoy reading every single ur blog post here.. tho certains merepek tapi tak dpt kerepek.. hahahaha... well, some ppl including me dun like discussing their feelings or fear their emotions unlike u... in public! tp u memang berani, tahniah! hehe... teruskan blogging! ^______________^ - miss anonymous

  10. i'll say what i feel although sometimes it'll harm me. i prefer to be honest and truthful lah. It's hard to swallow but that's he fact ma. if i teruk, i wont lie and write good things about myself. TALAM dua muka. anyway tq again. tankiu tankiu! im happy u drop by.