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Friday, 18 December 2009

JOKE of the day

prepare yourself to laugh gila-gila. make sure u LAUGH!!

Aarrgghhh!! Geramnya!! Eeeeeeee!! Meluat!! Menyampah! Fed up with the people in this house, 1194 Westlake, Kampar, Perak, Malaysia.

i was doing my laundry. I put my clothes in the one and only washing machine in my house. i went to the washing machine to get my clothes la. guess what's in there! a bunch of unknown clothes in it with my clean clothes.

arrghhh! Why in the world there’s such an idiot! Belajar tinggi-tinggi kat uni but kepala hotak taruk kat pungkok! how can u put your clothes in when there are someone else’s clothes there?!! who teach you this way to wash ur clothes??!!

Now I have to wash my clothes again! damn u! IDIOT!! BOLOH!!

Last night I became the maid again by cleaning the house and now I have to re-wash my clothes.

I betoi-betoi tak faham macam mana boleh begitu idiotnya you put your dirty clothes in the washing machine with my clean clothes and wash it. Tak faham! I dun understand!! Takkan la blajak sampai buta!

Tolong jangan buat malu la. kalau nk beridiot kat tempat orang, balik n hisap susu la. pi tanya mak macam mana nak cuci baju! Boloh! Kureng hasam! Podakh!! Eeee!

And u know what. I know the person who did this. He stays next to my room. Damn YOU!!

This is stupidly FARNEE! What a joke of the day!!


  1. hahahahaha... sian la u... adoi, what more can I say at all? Gelak je la... hahahahaha... tp i know u r absolutely 'anak dara' yg rajin skali.. hahahahaha ^___^... - miss anonymous

  2. absolutely funny ok. if someone didn;t laugh means something is wrong with their brain lah! haha. anyway i mmg pun masih teruna. haha.

  3. Hahaha.. I tau u still teruna... bluek! ^___^ hahaha.. bcoz u hv already mentioned about it in one of ur posts here.. itu mau bgtau lagik ka? hahaha.. bt ur future wife will sayang u more la coz ada future husband yg rajin... rajin tangkap gambar ke? hahaha.. ^___^ - miss anonymous

  4. haha. u rmbr?? i wrote it but i dun even rmbr. future wife huh.. duno.. oh i sayang my sayang. =p who knows later i become a gay ke?? ahahhaha!

  5. bcome a gay? well, as long u happy lor.. hahaha... bt remember this la, bunga bukan sekuntum tp berjambak2 bunga u blh beli! Cameron Highland or Petaling Street also can! hahaha... ^______^ - miss anonymous