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Saturday, 19 December 2009


woah!! an accident almost happened few minutes ago.

fuiyoh!! 15cm away from bang-bang! wahahah.

it happened in front of my eyes!!

it's an kancil and a scooter.

at least 5people in the kancil. the driver and the front seat passenger damn super fat!

2 people without helmet on the scooter.

damn cilaka. the red kancil super fast. it's raining lah!! drive so fast for what!! the scooter went out from the house. the rider saw the car on the right lane, so he quickly went to the left lane. cilaka the red kancil turned to left lane!! arrrghhhh! both pressed the brake habis-habis kow-kow!!

fulamak!! the scooter has stopped but the red kancil still moving. the rider's and the passenger's eyes were on the car with full of concentration!! so ddep in focus!! oh God!! RIP?!!

NO!! luckily the red kancil managed to stopped on time! seriously the kancil is 15cm away from kissing the scooter.

fulamak!! saat-saat yang sungguh mencemaskan dan mendebarkan!

damn u kancil. u saw me going to the left, then why you turn yo the left??!! grrhhh!

so anyway, that's the story of Oh Chin Eng and Poovaneswaran on the scooter.

now both of them are in OCE's room studying Moral for the exam at 9am later.

both still in trauma and still thanking the God. Thank God they can still take the exam in uni tmr.



  1. wah, so lucky for both of u!! hehe.. n still can posting d accident drama here... huhuhu... anyway, I'm glad to know dat u're doing ok now bt next time u hv to be more careful la... malang x pernah berbau either wangi or busuk.. ^__^ -miss anonymous

  2. hehehe.. yealo. so damn lucky seriously! we were so close to kena bang. malang berbabu busuk la, after malang terjadi lo..

  3. yealo... u two also didn't wear helmet at dat time.. if got bang?? hish... *__* A helmet can reduce d risk of serious brain injuries by as much as 85 percent.. but if u use d gud one la.. nxt time pakai la... if u hv to curik helmet pun to protect urself, i think it's okie.. hehe.. Anyway, ingatla org yg tersayang.. hehehe ^__^

  4. hehehe. we didn't wear helmet because that time vry late d. soemmore we r in our hostel compound ma. we'll wear helmet nx time la. if not helmet, use coconut shell lo.

  5. hahahahaha... coconut shell? hahahaha... baik hang tok sah pakai... wat malu je.. hahaha... ... or maybe next time u can upload ur photo wearing d coconut shell eh? ^______________^ - miss anonymous