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Saturday, 5 March 2011

toilet in travelling

i'm very particular about toilet.

yes, very particular.

i'm more particular about it when i go travelling.

i conside rmyself a backpacker (not so hardcore yet lah) and when i go travel, i can really go stingy about my expenditure.

i'm willing to spend on food but not on entertainment or souvenirs or hotel.

for me, the point of backpacking is to experience a lot of different things while you stay out of your comfort zone. Then only you'll feel worth it.

talking about hotel, cheap hotel is the best. i just need the room to sleep not to make love. so what if the motel or hostel is dirty or smell badly?!! i don't mind.

but what irked me the most is the toilet!

the toilet must be clean and comfortable!!

while studying here in UTAR, i have been to two places. One is Cameron Highlands and another one is Perlis.

eeeeeeeee.. i beh tahan with the toilet la. in Cameron Higlands, the water pressure damn low until only few drops of water came out from the pipe and u know what the water is yellowish. besides, after you shit you kenot flush. kanasai!

while in Perlis, things are slightly better la. but the water in teh bucket is so damn dirty n smelly. seriously.

for me, bathing is one of the things that i enjoy the most in life. although i don't prefer to bath when i go for backpacking but if there's a toilet, i'm tempted to clean myself. the toilet must be clean ma..

toilet is one of the best places to stay in the world ok.

like i said before, maybe the government should make a toilet classroom where the classroom contains cubiles or toilets. students will sit on the toilet bowl to study. while they are studying, they can shit too. how nice is that. ahhh..

oh. im too fulled. it's time to pangsai again. wahahah.



  1. actually making love in a dirty room is quite fun geh...

    (I wil become very stingy during travelling too! ^^)

  2. aiyer if i wana make love, find a good hotel la baru ah FEEL ma.