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Thursday, 14 October 2010

vege diet

The Nine Emporer Gods Festival has already started.

the last day is on this Saturday.

The Taoist will be on vegetarian diet for 9 days.

You can call them fasting. The Taoist, Muslim and the Hindus fast with different ways.

all this while, me and my family only fast on the last day.

but ever since 2004, i fast for the last 3days until today.

In this religious festival, once you started to fast, you cannot stop. It's not good and it's a taboo.

you have to be clean especially food. no meat is allowed.

for me, fasting regardless of what religion you are, is not just about food. it's more than food. it's about abstinence, control of lust and desire, to clean our mind, cleans our heart, purification of attitude and faith and close the gap between us and our religion.

afterall it's about turning over a new leaf and become a better person.

God is always there if you ever believe.

and i do believe in my faith.

do good and pray hard..

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