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Thursday, 14 October 2010

got money, cannot bank in!


Speechless la..

3 bad things just happened. But okla got 1 good thing. Hehe.

You see. I received a RM50 cheque from The Star in January and I forgot to bank in. I misplaced it. Yesterday I found it. So I went to CIMB bank to bank in the cheque. CANNOT!! Why? Because a cheque can only be bank in within six months. The cheque now is called DULL CHEQUE. Die lo.. I have to call The Star HQ in KL to request for a new one. If la they will issue me a new one.

Ok second story. I took photos for a painter and I got some pocket money from it. So I went to RHB Bank to bank in my money. Spent 5mins at the two Cash Deposit machines!! CANNOT! It says TRANSACTION REJECTION! Arrghhhh! Why?? After some checking, the banker said it’s because I didn’t touch my account for more than a year already. It has become DORMANT ACCOUNT. Arrrghh! You see la, now I have some pocket money, I wana save and bank in but CANNOT!

So fine. I have to activate it again. I gave my IC for verification. and guess what. The IC reader CANNOT READ my IC. The chip is SPOILED! Walaueh.. and I need to apply for a new IC in order to activate my account.

What is this la.. yennadei.. but hahah luckily something made it up for me. Ever since 2006 I have tracking and documenting old road name signs in PEnang. Riad name signs or street signs are part of the streetscape of a city. It’s part of heritage as well. I’ve found a lot of these. And as far as I know, no one ever document it before. So im kinda proud of it la. Hehehe. Anyway I was so shocked when I found a one today. And im more surprised because I never expect there is such kind of street sign and it’s still there today. The name on the sign is Prangin Road in the developed and modern KOMTAR enclave. This is history man.


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