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Saturday, 16 October 2010



i really think i just had a sleepwalk.

i slept on the bed in my room n i just woke up on the sofa in the living room.


i was shocked to find myself on the sofa. i really thought i was dreaming. so i checked around, played with my senses and yes im not in a dream.

but how come im on the sofa instead of my bed. i am sure i slept on my bed because i was so tired at that time and when i slept, my brother is just next to me, online in the room.

someone moved me?? carried me out of the room??


this is scary and so crazy.

i am still stunned!

i never experience such thing before ok. and i am sure i never talk or mumling when i sleep.

i am scared of sleepwalk la!!

to find out the truth, i have to ask my brother tomorrow did he see me walked out to the living room and sleep there.

my eyes are half-opened now while writing this. i wana test whether i am dreaming or im in reality. i think i am in the latter situation.

alrite i'll go back to sleep now as im so sleepy and blur.

i hope i'll wake up from my bed in my room and not somewhere else.

good night.


  1. LOL i exactly know how u feel man. it feels creepy doesnt it? but one night i saw my brother who was already asleep, moved from the floor to his bed. pagi besok tak ingat apa2. so yeah, could be half conscious punya kerja la. sedar tak sedar, dalam keadaan mamai, pergi tidur kat tempat yang lagi best/selesa. =P

  2. hahahahah! tula lawakla. but the thing is scary la! i dun remember anything. my mum was shocked when i told her. n my sis was laughing. my brother pula clueless y i ask him i tido mana. damn!