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Monday, 11 October 2010

feed the chicken?!

Hahaha I laughed out loud when my mum asked me to go feed the chicken at my grandma’s house.

Feed with what?


Chicken eat vege one meh?? Since when chicken on vege diet? Ayooo.. my amma got nothing else to feed the chicken I think.

By the way the chicken is fully white!!

How special is that. And what amazed me is that in this modern world, someone, who is my amma, still rare chicken for its eggs.

And the chicken stays in a cage.


My amma still with her kampong lifestyle. =p last time in the olden days, she tied the chicken’s neck like dog so that it won’t roam freely and never come back. I still remember the chicken always shit! Shit a lot.

Im gona have fun with it tomorrow. =p


  1. my nenek back in kampung still got her chickens. i dono what those chickens are for though. haha

    n what kind of fun ur gonna have with the chickens? LOL =P

  2. hahahhha ada ler.. nanti i kerjakan ayam tu. =p