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Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Sueh sueh sueh.

Sueh sueh sueh.

Recently so sueh.

The sueh season is here. When it’s here, it means bad.

I can feel it. I can sense it.

Everything seems not right. Everything is not smooth.

So many bad things happened.

my heart at this moment still dupdapdupdap for no reason. As if something bad is gona happen.

My heart just feels like popping out. Body is chilling.

Im feeling insecure and fear.
And you know what, when I was riding just now, I felt so lost. I couldn’t concentrate. I felt as if im gona bang to someone.

OMG. What’s happening.

And im feeling sick now..

how come???

usually my 'light' quite bright one.

ok the Chinese believe that human has some kind of 'light' on both their shoulders. the 'lights' will determine their luck or something like that.

so what, my light is very dim is it?

kamma. kamma. this must be my kamma. my previous kamma.

hmmm... alrite alrite. i'll do more good deeds, be nice, pray more, be a good boy.

SUEH arggghhhh!



  1. haha...Mr. Oh, don't think too much la...
    stop claiming yourself so sueh.
    you will only sueh when you felt so.

  2. by the way,if you think your light become dim, just simply light it up by lighter la...don't have?i borrow you la...=p

  3. hahaha! pei suang! =p tq for cheering up my moody nite. miss u la. can't wait to c u all again. got smtg for u all to makan. i noe u love to makan. hehe.