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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

third prize..

So u guys know right today is the public speaking competition final round? Yea I got third. My senior, Woon Pei-Jing got first. Senior got first, junior got third. Okla tu. hehe. She’s really good la. I was sad not because I lose but because I didn’t prepared well. Im so happy for her. it’s a good moment for Journalism course students too because 2 of its students are in TOP 3. =p She received RM600 n I RM100.

*oh ya she’s cute la. hehe.


  1. Congrats MR OCE! hehe... I'm so happyyyy for u lor! hahahaha.... n yeah, she is definitely cute ^___^ Congrats again for u both! ^___^ hehe- miss anonymous

  2. hehehe. tq so much Miss ANO. but then third prize only la. it's nothing la. will try again next time. =p

  3. Hahaha... u call me miss ano? sounds farnee! haha.. Miss anony or miss A suits better I think.. hahahaha... ^____^ Yeah, try again MR OCE! gudnite! ^___^ - miss A