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Thursday, 31 December 2009

oen lucky girl

Every Malaysian students have to at least join a club and a society in school. they must collect points for co-curricular activities.

joined PBSM or MRCS since I was in primary school.

I was a very active member when I was in secondary school. After Form 5, I joined VAD but im not active it in.

And now im totally don’t care about PBSM or MRCS. But if I were given a chance to volunteer myself to the warzone or disasters places, I’ll definitely go.

I remembered I used to participate in a Heritage Walk organised by PBSM. We have to collect donation then go for a walk n we’ll have a chance to join the lucky draw.

This year, on 11th October 2009, they organised the same event too, at the Esplanade.

I was so shocked to know that my friend’s sister took part.

And this Standard 4 girl won a bike in the lucky draw!! arghh! She’s one lucky girl. But she's so small n the bike is so big, boleh ker bawa? =p

So lucky!! Congrats Jasmin.

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