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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

birthday wish now and then

Before the internet being globalized, people will call or at least send a sms to wish their friends happy birthday. But now, every single thing also pours on Facebook, as if everyone is a celebrity. As if we will die without Facebook. As if it's not sincere if the wish is not made in Facebook. Everything is so public now. Somehow, I prefer the privacy and friendship without the public’s attention. I would love to get a one-to-one birthday wish, like how it used to be...


  1. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^-miss A

  2. Sorry lah , Chin Eng , I cannot privately wish you happy birthday ,no choice have to go public to wish you but its from the bottom of my heart,again , happy birthday and may your dream come true !

  3. Oh ! Didnt know that you could make my comment visible or invisible !