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Monday, 25 January 2010


ok i wana announce that Mr. Oh Chin Eng is gona blog lesssssssssssssssss this week. He's having a very hectic week. A lot of important and urgent matters to be solved then blogging.

1. Prepare speech for my university's public speaking final competition this Wednesday 27/1/2010.

2. Read journals and prepare notes for lectures.

3. Prepare for Thaipusam festival this Saturday 30/1/2010.

4. Send Letter To The Editor and Thumbnails

5. Take part in photography competitions.

See you. Good night. Tata.


  1. All d best for ur public speaking! ^__^ Hang mesti menang tau! ^___^ hehe- miss anonymous

  2. u r still awake ah? so late d la. anyway thanks a lot. i'll do my very best! nanti menang belanja i tau. =p