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Monday, 1 March 2010

im hurt but aku PUAS

waahahhaa. wohohohoho.

ahahahaha. hehehehhe. huhuhuhuhuhu. hihihihihihi. hohohohohoho.

wakakakakak. lalalala. lollolool.

sorry but im sooooooooooooo happy tonight. i must be crazy. i know it's midnight now but can i scream my heart out like a speaker, jump as high as a kangaroo??

i just reached home. I went to see this once in every 12 years procession. It only happen in Tiger year. Then i went to snap photos of a Malay heritage house for a photo contest.

I got some nice pictures...i think. hehehe. i actually got 'hooked' by the crane and i feel. my leg and both legs also bleed. but it's ok la... nothing serious. no broken bones. just that my hand is super painful right now. i can't even hold open a glass of water.

Before i went out from my house, i managed to submit photos for two international photo contest organised by Sony. heheheh. i just try my luck. i'm glad i made it on time. wheee wheee wheee!

I talked to Feli through MSN. im relieved after we talked about TARA and settled some things. she's still like how she always does, be there, support, scold, care, protective and love.

My mum BELANJA dinner. hahaa. i like the feeling of having a meal with my family. oh, we had a photo together. =p

Lastly, the most unexpected thing, i received a phone call from someone. haha. seriously it's so unexpected. it's a good thing anyway. i miss her. we didn;t have any communication for like a week. that's super long ok. hahaha.

it's a happy Sunday.

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