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Monday, 24 October 2011

Lightning from Kampar

Hohohoh! I feel so gay right now. Why so?? It’s because that for the first time I successfully managed to take pictures of lightning.

The cool thing was I didn’t use tripod because I didn’t expect there’ll be lightning. I stopped my bike by the roadside and I placed my camera on my bike.

Earlier, it was raining heavily in Kampar. The downpour lasted for about an hour. The place I stay, Westlake flooded a little bit.

After the rain stopped the lightning striked non-stop. The lightning damn awesome I tell you. I stood in front of the huge field enjoying the magnificent incredible electrifying lighting.

It was like watching a live National Geography documentary. I’ve never seen such a beautiful lightning before. Too bad my camera is not that super pro. I only managed to capture a few photographs.

Click at the link to view the photos.

*jaw drops*

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