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Monday, 24 October 2011

come on FYP!

mmm… ahhh having Kopi 'O Super Kao Kao Salute Brand tonight while doing FYP. Im gona say byebye to 8am class later. The tutorial class is boring la. lalalala. I know it’s my last semester already..

It’s exactly 7 days from now that I have to submit the first and lengthy draft of my Final Year Project (FYP).

Unable to finish my FYP on time, no graduation for me and I don’t want to extend my 3-year Journalism degree. There are so many things I wana do in life, I don’t want to stuck here.

I have been doing FYP the whole day and it feels so nice (with the intermission from FB).

I felt so spirited to do FYP this few days. And the determination is so strong today.

umpph dah mali. oomph lai liao. kick is here.

Aih.. After delay for so long, now only go all out. I know my friends are finishing their FYPs already.. It’s ok.. I’ll work harder lo..

The line is so sucky this few days. Damn lag. It’s so frustrating when you are so focus into your research, the technology is holding you back.

I have been reading a lot and I read everyday. There’s a lot of new general infos going into my brain. But all of them got nothing to do with my FYP.

Alright got to go.

By the way, Lee Chong Wei just lost to Chen Long is Denmark Open. aih.. so sad la. You people la never support him. Keep on MU MU MU. U la! orang sendiri tak nak support tapi duk suport orang luar. go stay with MU la.. =(

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