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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Deepavali send-off

Deepavali is coming again and it’s tomorrow.

I’m still thinking whether to go back to Penang but I feel I won’t because I don’t have the time. I have to submit my FYP next Monday.

Oh I miss Penang, my Indian friends and their Deepavali delicacies.

So I might be going to Sara’s house tomorrow. Or I’ll just to go Kampar Indians house la.

I fetched my classmate to the bus-stop tomorrow. Poovan has gone back earlier for Deepavali although we have class today. It’s a boring class, so it’s ok to ponteng. =p

My 3 years of studies here is gona end soon. I remember I used to fetch Poovan around as he does not own a bike here. I’m happy to do that.

That’s what friend is for. You are there all the time. but some people eventhough they are there, they are not willing to lend a hand.

Let this festival of light lighten up and open up our hearts to humanity, humility, modesty, respect and acceptance towards each other.

Let's celebrate it altogether with in peace, joy and harmony. 

Happy Deepavali to all my friends. May your Deepavali be a very good one. 

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