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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

me in backpack trip

so boring la tonight. Kampar so quiet. everyone has gone back for Deepavali and public holiday tomorow. i also wana relax tonight. i freak out with the name of FYP already. let me rest for a night la ok..

I think many of you know that I went for a backpacking trip last month. The trip lasted for 10 days. I haven’t written about the trip yet although I have a journal with me along the trip. I haven’t posted up any photos yet too.

These are some of the photos (of me) in that trip. Syiok sendiri punya photo la. I brought along plain A4 papers and a black marker pen. Then i wrote down the location on the paper and posed for photo as memory. lame.. nevermind. i like it!!

Other photos next time la. =p

Day 1 2.14pm (Malaysia's time) 20/9/2011 Butterwoth Train Station, Penang, Malaysia.
Started my trip with a train ride to Thailand.

Day 2 7.08pm (Thailand's time) 21/9/2011 Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand.

Day 4 10.23am (Cambodia's time) 23/9/2011 Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Day 8 2.50pm (Vietnam's time) 27/9/2011 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Day 11 8.04am (Cambodia's time) 30/9/2011 Siem Reap International Airport, Cambodia.
It's time to say goodbye. Flew back to Malaysia by flight.

*Credit to the photographer, my travelmate, my uni buddy, Lee Pei Suang. All the photos here are taken by her. She suffered and stressed a lot because i am too demanding. She was sweating everytime she tried to take my photos. hahah. Thank you. I always ask you to take pictures of me because i have faith on you and i know you can.*


  1. welcome~and thanks for teaching me alot~

  2. hey~i love the vietnam photo leh~ where's mine?XD~