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Monday, 31 October 2011

I Am A Lonely Photographer

Photo courtesy of Rachael Soh. 

It’s raining so heavily here in Kampar. It’s flooded again. And again, I went out to snap some photos.

And I was alone..again.

When I went backpack, my friend said I'm a lonely photographer.

Well, she is right.

Now I get what she meant. I bet many people who saw me on the street have the thought also.

I never follow a photography trip before. Neither do I go for a photography outing.

I don’t feel comfortable.

But I will purposely go out to snap something that I feel is meaningful. For example if a building is going to be demolished. Or if the sky is beautiful.

It's ok la.. I enjoy what I'm doing and i don't need a bunch of photographers to make me good.

Whenever people see me, they will see my camera too.


I don’t know why I’m suddenly so down. Maybe because I saw some outing photos from my friends in Facebook. It’s ok.. I am not jealous at all.

It just makes me realized many things. I’ll just keep those thoughts in myself.

I thank God for giving me good eyes to see. Sometimes my eyes see something that the other people don’t see and that’s what makes my photos special. I’m thankful for having a heart that cares and I express it through images. I’m glad I’m always alert with my surrounding too.

I don’t have the intention to praise myself but I always share my experience with my friends. I am so much happy everytime I see their happy face. The satisfaction of getting a good shot is extraordinary.

As I’m writing this, it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

Becareful on the road.

If you are a lonely photographer like me too, don’t be sad. It’s an enjoyable thing to snap pictures with all the freedom you need. Whatever you do, you just need to enjoy it and you will do it well. 

I am happy being a lonely photographer. 


  1. haha nothing to be sad about being lonely photographer. everyone has their own concept and ways of taking photo. very hard to have friends along to shoot something together. maybe you feel like wanna go shoot something but other friends not interested. if both interested also in the end shoot alone separately at that place. XD

  2. Dear Chin Eng,

    Cheer up! Nothing wrong being a lonely photographer! Great photographers work alone!