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Monday, 31 October 2011

150 respondents for FYP! =p

30/10/2011 5.38pm

That’s the end for my FYP questionnaire. The answering session is now closed. Kedai dah tutup. 150 people have responded and I’ve achieved my target.

I finish setting the questions on Saturday 5am in the morning on October 29.

Then I sent the questionnaire to my friends at about 6am through Facebook since the questionnaire is in digital form. It’s easier, faster and cheaper. Most importantly, it’s confidential since I don’t know who does it.

My junior, K was the first one to answer it at 6.23am. Don’t worry the respondents answers will be kept confidential. Haha.

I was targeting only 100 people for my questionnaire.

But I was so surprise by the good response. I achieved my target at 5.58pm, just after 12-hour. Technology really helps me a lot.

Then I increase the respondents to 150. It was risky. Thank God I achieved the target at 5.38pm today, October 30.

What is this? A report on my FYP ah? Haha.

To all, thank you so much for your time and honest answers. Some of the answers really opened up my eyes. I learnt from you. This research will never be completed without all of you. Oh Chin Eng thanks all of you again. May you be blessed always.

There are respondents who didn’t answer. Some even simply type words that don’t exist such as “fvjhdfutk,”. But it’s ok. I guess this is normal for a questionnaire. And some people are playful.

Now it’s the time for analysis and discussion part. It’s the lengthiest part of all but I know I’ll enhoy doing it because I love this topic. The hardest for me I think it’s the literature review.

I must specially thanks Agkillah, Felicita and Qistina for helping me sending out the questionnaire to their friends. Coincidentally all of them are from SGGS Penang. Not to forget, thanks to Lay Nee, Ai Chun as well.

I must also thank Edmund and Cynthia for staying up late, going through the questions with me. Thanks to them, the questions sounds better and more relevant. If I were to do it, people sure behsyiok with the way I ask. Hahaa. 

Thank you again. Ok bye. FYP belum habis!

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