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Sunday, 7 November 2010

3.0 to intern abroad!!

i always wanted to go study abroad. i missed the chance once and here I am in UTAR. But now i have the chance again through internship.

I'm looking through the Student Handout of Industrial Training Manual and i found this.

5.1.1       Industrial training/placement outside Malaysia
UTAR may look for internationally well-known companies for students interested in industrial training abroad. If the names of the internationally well-known companies are to be listed in UTAR website, students can view the list.  Should a student intend to undergo training with any one of the companies in the list, then the student would have to approach his/her respective faculty to arrange for industrial training. Otherwise, students could contact other company not in the Faculty List directly themselves.

Students must follow up with necessary documents as in guidelines below:
1.     CGPA of eligible candidate should be 3.0 and above.
2.     It is compulsory for the overseas company’s senior officer to send UTAR an official letter, and then UTAR would follow up with the company progressively.
3.     The Faculty Industrial Training Committee is required to go though the industrial training offer letter from the senior officer of the overseas company thoroughly.  If appropriate, the committee would bring up the recommendation to the Faculty Board/Management Committee for approval.
4.     If approved, DIIR and DISS would be informed of the decision to follow up with assisting the student in applying for the necessary e.g. application of visa, purchase of insurance, letters of indemnity.
5.     It is compulsory for foreign exchange student to purchase international medical and hospitalization insurance.
6.     It is the responsibility of the Faculty of the student to find out from the overseas employer, the type of Insurance the student has to buy before the student leaves Malaysia (e.g. Professional Indemnity Insurance).
7.     The Faculty has to ensure that the student is well prepared before going for industrial training overseas, such as
·         Purchase of  appropriate insurance not limited to personal accident policy, personal liability policy, medical, hospitalization and surgical policy and travel insurance; and to keep these insurance policies valid throughout the period of your stay/industrial training within and outside Malaysia,
·         Purchase of returning air ticket,
·         Preparation of legal document e.g. agreement letter signed between Candidate, UTAR and the Company, Indemnity Letter to be signed between the company and the candidate, and the parent has to sign to undertake the responsibility if the student damages any property in the company.
8.     You are required to fulfil the immigration requirements of the designated country of your industrial training/placement; find your own sponsor for the application of training pass or permit; keep the permit valid throughout the course of your industrial training/placement and to undertake to return home upon expiry of the permit.  Kindly contact the International Division of the University should you require any assistance or clarifications on immigration matters.
9.     You and/or your parents/guardian are required to bear all the costs and expenses including but not limited to visa fees, medical check-up fees, travelling expenses, your personal maintenance and stay expenses, repatriation expenses and any miscellaneous expenses as stipulated by the relevant authorities or the University or the Company.
10.  In exceptional cases subject to conditions, the university may consider acting as sponsor such as application of travel visit pass to Singapore.
11.  Visit by UTAR supervisor to overseas company may not be required.

5.1.2      The Rules and Regulations of the University govern your conduct during the industrial training period. Your industrial training contract with the company governs your time and effort that you will spend with the company.

5.1.3      You are reminded to uphold the good name of the University, abide by the code of conduct of the University, the Company, the industry, the terms of your industrial training contract, and any other relevant rules and regulations at all times during the course of the industrial training/placement.

5.1.4      You should also keep abreast with developments on campus.

To qualify for the application, my CGPA must be above 3.0

It's possible but it's hard.

hmmm... i screwed my previous exams la. My CGPA is just 2.6 now. How to jump up to 3.0 in this semester.

And to qualify is one thing, to compete with other applicants with higher CGPA is another challenge.

Oh God, i really need your help now. i'll work harder, can you show me some miracles? I need to get CGPA 3.0 by this semester la, if not i can't apply for abroad internship next semester.

kamsiah kamsiah!

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