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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Bye Penang Helo Kampar

good morning. i just woke up at 6.40pm.

i've reached Kampar. Im back in Kampar. my bus departed at 9am from Butterworth. I took Transnasional, the best bus to get back here. i slept for 1 hour only last night, then woke up at 6am ++. i rushed to pack to finished up the big photo to bring it back here. my sister n mum woke up at 6am because my sister is going for a school trip to Kelantan. so far. i wanted to go for breakfast but i couldnt finish packing. so mum made me breakfast: bread, sausage n egg. hmmm.. I don't know since when she has become so western. haha.

then at 8am my mum sent me to Penang Jetty. She said i went back to Penang with 2 begs n now im going back to Kampar with 2 bigger begs. haha! i always bring a lot of stuffs back to university. food, books, clothes, snacks etc. Anyway, i have to take ferry to Butterwoth to take my bus. the ferry was so empty. the sky was so bright n cool.

i slept in the bus all the way back to Kampar. I very very seldom sleep in the bus. But this time i was too tired, lack of sleep n the weather out there is just superb. More then half of the seats are unoccupied. traffic was so smooth, not many cars. in just 3 hours, i reached Kampar. that's super fast. usually the journey will takes at least 3 hours n 30 mins. thanks to Shi Han for fetching me Old Town...without helmet. haha. he forot to bring. so i used my sweater to cover cover lo. =p

i wanted to stay longer in Penang. i told my mum that i wana take afternoon bus then skip my 2pm class today. But she said no. she asked me not to ponteng. Cannot skip class. aih.. fine.. i miss home, that's why i wana stay longer. but if can, i don't want to skip any classes. so i took 9am bus because that's the only bus that i can make it for 2pm class. the next bus trip will be at 2pm. too late.

my maternal grandma said "if you wana stay in Penang, don't go so far to Kampar to study."

i reached my hostel at 12am smtg. i set my alarm at 1.30pm. i planned to hav a short nap. n guess what?? i woke up at 2.50pm. wat the heck!! arrgghhhh! damn it! im so late to the class. super late!! i set alarm in my 2 handphones but i didn't hear any of the phones ring at all. so... yea i skipped the class because i overslept, i cannot wake up. grrrhhh. this is the 2nd time it happened. my mum is gona nag me if she knows about it. no no, cannot let her know. =p

i didn't go to uni then. by the time i get ready, clean up myself, cycle to school, it will be 3.30pm then. so i slept again.. i hate it when im sleeping, someone call me. but i always answer the calls. someone called me just now so many times. unknown number. i was like damn it, must be the nurse from the clinic. first call, i didn't pick up. second cal, i picked up n i simply press my hp, then she hung up. third cal, i answered but i kept quiet, she halo, i quietly hung up. heheh. the voice is so similar to the nurse's voice. she didn't cal me again after that. hahahaha.

im hungry now. let's go makan ppl. if you are in Penang, i recommend u to go to Kapitan at Chulia Street, or Line Clear at Penang Road, or Padang at Dato Keramat, or Ananda Bahvan at Market Street, or SuaKenari at Chulia Street.

u wont regret. tasty and cheap and HALAL!

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