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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

i miss you

I never really dedicate a blog post for someone. As in write about someone. Especially for someone saying that i miss him/her. Oh maybe I did la to my sayang. But this blog post is not about her. today I wana talk about my good friends.

I miss two of them so much. Im missing them now. miss you miss you!

These two girls are the very few best and good girl friends I have. I mean.. I don’t mean that my other girl friends are bad but these two are special. These two are special in my age range. Im now 21 la. im trying to say that I have other best girl friends too but not in my age range.

Ok what the hell im talking about. Grrrrhh! Im not good in words la especially when it comes to describing a person.

Anyway these two girls are Tan Lay Nee and Carla Cardoniga.

Tan Lay Nee or Lay Nee. She’s now 20. Doing her degree in Australia! N im now in Malaysia!! I’ve known her for like.. haha many years oo. Since Form 2 or Form 3? That time I was 14/15. We were in PBSM or MRCS, a first aid society la. she was from MGS n I was from SMH. she’s helpful. Intelligent. A leader. Friendly. Very helpful. She’s small in size. A conflict that happened made us closer to each other. Somehow she became one of the girls that I trusted a lot at that time. I was the shy shy silly guy at that time. Yeah we do talked a lot but you know.. I was shy all the time. =p It’s still fresh in my memory when she won a footdrill competition. She was the commander at that time.  Im so proud of you Lay Nee. I can’t wait to see you back to Penang. But by that time, I’ll be back in Kampar. Wait for me lah. =p have a safe journey k.

Carla Cardoniga. Wooooo this girl.. she’s not a Chinese. She’s not a Malay. She’s not an Indian. She’s not a Malaysian la. She’s from Phillippines. Cool huh I have a friend there. =p she’s just 20 this year and she’s doing her degree. I feel so old n outdated. We know each other in Thailand. We were participating in a Youth for Peace Conference there. I represent Malaysia n she represents Phillippines. So that’s how I know her lah. Well.. she is pretty. Yes she is. She’s very nice n warm to talk to. N yeah she has a boyfriend. =p One week in Thailand may seems very short but it has built up our friendship across two regions. Im glad that we still keep in touch n care for each other. We’ll meet up again one day. =p

How nice if two of u are in front of me right now. wana give both of you a tight hug. Haha! I just miss you two sooooooooooooo much tonite. Greedy huh? Gatai?? Nola.

U girls must be proud because I only miss people who are special and meaningful in my life. Im sorry if I ever said or did something that hurt you. Hehe..

Pls take good care of yourselves wherever you are. Eat well sleep well. Don’t forget to pray. I love you my friends. Friends forever.

*if I dun say I miss you, doesn’t mean I dun miss u k. =p


  1. LOL OCE mempor someone lor hahaha

  2. hohohoho! tidak sama sekali. ini adalah dusta semata-mata. jangan mencemarkan nama baik saya. hohoho. =p