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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Menstrual Pain?

Oh… Saravani.. what a joke. I mean.. I never expected that answer from you. But luckily u r fine la. fuh..

I got to know that my bestie in UTAR was sick. Racheal said in Facebook that Sara is sick n she wants to visit her.

I was like so scared n freaked out. I really thought something bad happened to her.

I straight away called her. that was like few minutes ago. After some time, she picked up. Yea she’s sick. She sounded weak.

I asked her la what happened. She kept saying that she’s sick. What kind of sickness la?? I insisted. Hmmm.. the answer is Menstrual Pain. Aduh..

I ingatkan apa jadi. Aiyah..

I asked her housemate to take care of her. guess what she said. She asked me what should she does. Haloooooooooooo! How would I noe lah! Memang krike la. im not a girl.

Sara was there when I was sick in UTAR. She’s the girl who first came to visit me. she was there everytime im sick. We became closer in Semester 2 because we were in the same class. I skipped classes n I always came up with excuses. She can tell you all the excuses that I’ll give. Haha. she’s a really really nice girl. Really nice. N she’s sarcastic..but in a good way.

Thank you Sara. My life in UTAR would be totally different without you. Thanks for the free medicines, 100 plus, food, joys n laughters.

Hope you’ll recover soon k.

Ejek me la. I dun mind. hehe.

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