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Friday, 20 November 2009

5cm to Hospital

Once again, i saw an incident that nearly cost a life to an end. This time, it's not from a teenager, not an adult, but a primary school children.

I was on my way home from Kampar Old Town when i saw that incident happened. I was riding my scooter behind a white Kancil car. Then there was this little Malay girl cycling on the grass at the left hand side of the road heading towards our direction. I guess she's in Standard 3 to Standard 5.

Suddenly she lost her balance. Then in just a second, her bicycle went to the main road. She was struggling so hard to balance her bicycle. At that time the girl is just in front of the Kancil and the Kancil was kind of fast. I felt like scream my lungs out but no, it didn't happen. I was so helpless at that time. My heart my thumping so fast. My hand automatically tried to reach out my camera to snap what's gona happen next. The girl SCREAMED!

Luckily the Kancil managed to break. fuh.. And the girl escaped unhurt from being bang over. The distance between the girl and the car is just 5cm! FIVE! Go and get your ruler and check how long is 5cm. She was still trying to balance her bicycle after the escape. From cycling towards us, now she's in the same direction with us. She crossed the road to the right hand side where a playground is. She was really freak out. She was shy and she didd't know what to do, so she just went off to some place.

I saw her shoe on the road. I think she slipped it when she was struggling to balance her bicycle. So i picked up her shoe and i bring it over to her. She talked to me in Bahasa Malaysia. She said 'terima kasih, Aunty.' Which means thank you Aunty. er.. ok... nevermind. She told me her leg is pain. so i asked her where. She didn't answer my question. Instead, she said her bicycle got problem. Before i left, she thanked me. Surprisingly, she kept calling me aunty, aunty and aunty.

hmmm... which parts of me look like an aunty huh?? haha. See, she was in trauma. She shivered. She couldn't think rationally.

I saw a packet of noodle in the bicycle's basket. I think it's her breakfast and she's on her way home. What if the girl couldn't make her trip home after she brought her breakfast? She doesn't has an IC yet. Nor a handphone. How is her parents going to reach her?

hmmm.. Thank God the incident didn't become an accident. Becareful people wherever you go. Life is fragile.

Always start your journey or activity with a prayer. Insya-Allah semuanya akan lancar.

5cm makes a lot of difference.

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