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Sunday, 29 November 2009

last night's thoughts tonight

Had some thoughts last night before I slept. So this was what in my mind last night.

1.       Waaaa.. the moon is so bright tonight. So romantic. Waaaa look at the stars. Twinkle twinkle little stars. How nice if I have a mat now. I’ll definitely sleep under the sky accompanied by the moon n the stars.

2.       Hmmm.. the whole house is so empty tonite. EMPTY! QUIET! SUNYI! SEPI! DIAM! Eeew.. everyone has gone back to their hometown because of Hari Raya Haji public holiday. Again, im all alone in this 3-storey mansion. Roommate also went back.

3.       The whole Westlake is like a dead town. Everyone went home. Many of them will have their unofficial holidays for next week, continue by study week. Then only they’ll come back here for exam. they don’t care avout the attendance already la. barred list is out. Most of the subjects are Pass/Fail subjects. No one really study hard for it.

4.       What should I wear for my public speaking competition huh? Samfu? Bcoz I nvr wear that in UTAR yet. Baju Melayu? Bcoz the 3 judges r Malay, can impress them la. 1Malaysia ma.

5.       I wana go home. So sudden I know. Just feel like going home la. hmmm.. should I should i? =p if I go back, I’ll go lepak or I’ll just sleep at home la. hmmm.. I won’t do my speech.

6.       When I go home next Saturday, I wana go watch 2012 or New Moon. I wana ask her out. I know it’s not gona work, but ask only ma..

7.       Now I realised what she used to tell me is true. Im not saying that I didn’t trust her just that it’s not my culture to put some water on the plate after we finish eating. Malay n Indians share this belief. Im smiling alone in my room, recalling the moment she poured water on my plate and said ‘mama I kata lepas makan mesti letak air. Tak baik biar pinggan kering.’ =p

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