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Friday, 27 November 2009

comment that put you to nice sleep

Someone commented on my blog post ‘LembooO korban’ at 3.01am. It’s from an anonymous lah.

It says: orang "FAKIR" miskin bukan "KAFIR".

I was like oh shit! I typed wrongly. It supposed to be Fakir, which means the poor people. It also means the disabled, yang sebab kekurangan, yang tidak mampu, dan orang yang mengemis.

Kafir means the people who are bad, stingy, not considerate, jahil, jahat, teruk, buruk, kedekut and and mengingkari Tuhan. Betul kot..

hehehehe. so funny la from Fakir to Kafir. The K n the F terbalik. So people, it’s FAKIR, not KAFIR.

Ok im shocked! WOW!! Im curious who’s that person who dropped me that comment. I thought of one person only. I only have on eperson in my mind. I didn’t take even a minute to figure out who’s that person. I don’t need the anonymous to tell me who is he/she.

I think I know who’s that person. I KNOW IT! It’s a she. It’s her. I know it’s her. I believe my instinct. Yes. Im confident that it’s her. I can feel it. Wahahah! Confirmed! Confirmed. Aku confirmed!! I’ve checked! 100% SURE!! Woohooo!!

Thank God I made a mistake. Syukur..

If you are reading this now, thank you. Thank you.

Thank you not because of your comment. Thank you because you drop by my blog. It makes a lot of difference.

Anyway thank you also for correcting me. terima kasih.

Hohoho. Im gona sleep now with a smile on my face.

Gnite ppl. Love you. Muax. Tata! =p

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