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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

today do what ah

today is so hot ah. panas nak mampui.

The Earth is on fire! do something or u gona die terbakar.

haha. since i only have one class today, im super free!

free time must filled with something.

ok things-to-do today. it should be things-must-do today.

1) laundry. i have more than 20 clothes to wash today. and i need to wash my towels and bed sheet as well.

2) house keeping. finally im free to clear the mess in my room n the coomon area. yeala i was busy ma dats y my room kena tornado, hurricane n tsunami ler..

3) choose pictures for travel article assignment n also photostory assignment. too many pictures la.. have to do a light touch up also.

4) have a nap. 1 hour? =p

5) read a lengthy article for Contemporary Malaysian Politics.

6) bank in $ for my room rental.

SRC first meeting at 8pm. finally we r meeting up although SRC members are not full yet. i can't wait any longer. we must start do something now. 1 year is so short.

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