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Thursday, 25 November 2010

a need to practice what you learn

Seriously i miss the feeling of being assigned to cover news. you need to practice what you learn. if not, you'll even forget how to start the 1st paragraph.

I envy those who can still pen their thoughts, opinions or interviews on the piece of news. The nature of journalism is in me. The instinct of a journalist also in me. I was among the first ones to reach the scene everytime a news happened. Not to boast, but i love this job.


I know.. I can't practice it at the moment. I blame no one. No one's fault.


  1. but then our chief has decided that src can join j-on as well mah...hehe...ur chance is back now!

  2. hihihi! waaa so long never hear from u d my friend. =p

    yea yea i noe our chief very nice. heheh. im waiting for her order.