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Monday, 2 November 2009

JOKE of the day

just found out from my friend that some people in UTAR actually hate me 4who i am-carrying a camera everywhere i go n having a malay gf. they say i have prob wif my brain.

WTF man! so what? u mana sakit? u envy the attention i get is it? let me be what i wana be! im proud to be myself n being different! stop being so judgemental and racist! you dun really know who i am. FUCK off la!

get your FACTS right nx time. never in my life i have a malay gf. boloh..

ok now everyone pls laugh! a round of applause to these SHITTY people!

cilaka babi! cokodok basi! pungkok tak cuci! jaga later u cirit! kurang asam! Kanasai! Gundechi ombodeh la!

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